Saturday, October 15, 2016

Final Week at Sur Mesure...

The last three days at the restaurant went by fast. I was fortunate enough to spent an afternoon/night in the patisserie section on Tuesday with the head pastry chef Alex. Alex hails from San Francisco so it was good to have a fellow native english speaker teaching me the ins and outs of Sur Mesure's many sweet molecular creations. Each 9 course menu is finished with a "Bento Box", a three level round container with a range of sweet creations including lemon szechuan sponge and wasabi chantilly cream. I got to help Alex prepare the new dessert for the smaller 6 course menu, a gluten free szechuan crumble, rose parfait disc and rose sorbet with a rose foam. Here's a quick picture I snapped of it which probably does it more justice than my meager description!

My final day was met with mixed emotions. I wish I could of stayed longer and learn even more from the kitchen and its incredible chefs. Eight days only allows you to scratch the surface of whats possible at this level of culinary excellence. But, you have to console yourself with the knowledge that even this short period of time was invaluable and there will be more opportunities to further your skills and knowledge you just have to work hard and take a chance every once in awhile, you never know what can happen. That's the real lesson I have learnt from the Thierry Marx Career Development Award. I feel incredibly blessed to have been given this chance and now for the next chapter, time to visit Le Cordon Bleu!

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