Sunday, October 2, 2016

My first day in Paris started at 9am. I had just arrived from the airport from my 22 hour journey exhausted but elated to finally be in Paris. First port of call was to my apartment for a long overdue shower and cup of coffee! I was met by Phillipe, the owner of the apartment, who opened it up and gave my a quick tour and then showed me the local park, eateries and metro station to give me a running start. After showering and changing I decided the best way to stay awake till the evening was to head into the heart of Paris and see some sights. First stop was the Notre-Dame Cathedral which was breathtakingly massive, only pictures (or better yet, seeing it in person) can do it true justice.

I decided to walk towards the river Seine and make my way to the Louvre Museum. The museum is located in the old royal palace and hosts some amazing architecture as well as sheer massive scale in size. The art inside the museum ranges from ancient Egyptian and Greek artifacts and sculptures to classic Italian renaissance works of art. The highlight of these had to be the Mona Lisa which was stunning and truly did follow you around the room!

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